Useful Commands

Here you can find a list of useful commands to help you along your Infinity Miners experience!

Home Commands:

  • /sethome [nameofhome] – sets a home
  • /home [nameofhome] – teleports you to named home
  • /homes – shows a list of your current homes
  • /delhome [nameofhome] – deletes named home

Land Claim Commands:

  • /claimslist – see a list of all claims
  • /buyclaimblocks – Purchase additional claim blocks for 100 ∞
  • /sellclaimblocks – Sell extra claim blocks for 50∞
  • /trust – gives another player permission to edit your claim
  • /accesstrust – gives player permission to use buttons, levers, and beds.
  • /containertrust – gives player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers and animals.
  • /trustlist – lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.
  • /subdivideclaims – set your shovel into subdivide mode
  • /basicclaims – set your shovel back to basic claims mode
  • /abandonclaim – deletes the claim you are standing in
  • /untrust <name> – removes any permissions given to player
  • /untrust all – removes permissions for all players
  • /givepet – gives away a tamed animal

Teleport Commands:

  • /tpa <player>  – requests to teleport to player
  • /tpahere <player> – requests to teleport player to you
  • /rt – teleport to a random location in the world you are currently in

Warp Commands:

  • /warp – brings up the GUI to select a warp
  • /towns – brings up the town warp GUI
  • /pwarp – brings up the player warp GUI
  • /warp spawn – takes you to main world spawn
  • /warp enchant – takes you to the public enchanting tables at spawn
  • /warp resource – takes you to mining world spawn
  • /warp nether – takes you to nether world spawn
  • /warp theend – takes you to end world spawn

Economy Commands:

  • /balance – shows your ∞ dollars balance
  • /worth – shows  ∞ value of item in your hand
  • /worth all – shows value of all items in inventory
  • /sell – sells item (or stack) in your hand
  • /sell hand all – sells all of the item type in your hand
  • /sell all – sells all sellable items in your inventory
  • /sell shop – opens a selling menu
  • /pay [playername] [∞amount] – gives ∞ dollars to selected player
  • /ah -opens Infinity Auctions
  • /ah sell <price> – sell item on infinity auctions

Jobs Commands:

  • /jobs browse – list the jobs available to you.
  • /jobs info – shows how much each jobs is getting paid and for what.
  • /jobs stats – shows the level you are in each job that you are apart of


  • /ranks – lists all available ranks and shows your current rank
  • /rankup – promote to next rank
  • /rankinfo – This will give you you current rank info

Chat Commands:

  • /helpop – sends a message for help to all staff online.
  • /msg [playername] [message] – sends a private message.
  • /chat [playername] – This will tell the other user you want to start a private conversation.
  • /chat off – This will leave the current chat you are in.
  • /r [message] – reply to private message.
  • /mail – opens your mailbox.
  • /mail send [playername] [message] – sends mail.
  • /mail clear – clears your mailbox.
  • /ignore [playername]  – Hope you never need it! 🙂
  • /lottery buy [amt] – Purchase lotto tickets.
  • /lottery status – Check to see tickets bought, time left, and prize pool.
  • %item% – You can show your item in chat using this variable.

mcMMO Commands:

  • /mc stats – View your mcMMo Stats.
  • /<skillname> – View detailed info about a skill.
  • /mctop <skill> – View mcMMO Leaderboards (skill is optional).
  • /party create <name> – Creates a mcMMO party.
  • /party invite <player> – Send party invite.
  • /party teleport <player> – Teleport to another party member.
  • /party chat – toggle party chat
  • /credits – Shows how many mcMMO credits you have.
  • /redeem – Opens the mcMMO credits redemption GUI.
  • /redeem <skill> <amount> – Redeems a specific amount of credits towards a specified skill.

Misc Commands:

  • /kit – opens kits GUI.
  • /stats – gives a list of your personal minecraft statistics.
  • /checkexp – checks your minecraft experience level.
  • /donate <player> <amount> – gives item in hand to other player (amount is optional).
  • /bottle get [amount] – You can specify the number of bottles you want to get.
  • /bottle get max – This will bottle up all your EXP into bottles.
  • /playtime – Check your current playtime.
  • /pos – Check which world you are in and coordinates.
  • /tags – Opens the tag GUI menu to enable/disable chat tags.
  • /transmute – open transmute menu.
  • /discord – This will give you the link to our discord.
  • /kit sunshinedaily – This will give you a daily kit every 24hrs.