Money Making Guide

Written by: CosmicVibration

There are several ways to make ∞ dollars (INF or Infinity Dollars) on the server.


The quickest way to start off with making money is through jobs.

Infinity Miners currently has 9 different jobs to choose from!

The number of jobs you may join is determined by rank.

Command to browse and joing jobs: /jobs browse

Woodcutter –  Earn ∞ dollars by breaking Logs.

Miner – Earn ∞ dollars by breaking rocks, minerals and gems.

Digger – Earn ∞ dollars by breaking dirt, sand, clay etc.

Farmer – Earn ∞ dollars by planting/harvesting crops and breeding and interacting with animals.

Hunter – Earn ∞ dollars by killing or taming mobs and animals.

Fisherman – Earn ∞ dollars by catching fish

Brewer – Earn ∞ dollars by brewing potions

Enchanter – Earn ∞ dollars by enchanting weapons, tools, and armor.

Weaponsmith – Earn ∞ dollars by crafting and repairing weapons.

Sell Items To Players

These methods take a little more preparation, but selling items to other players is the best way to make ∞ dollars.  Infinity Miners was carefully developed with player trading as the main focus in our economy.

Below you can find several different ways to help you get started with player trading!

Sign Shops

Do you dream of owning a vast market with aisles upon aisles of items for sale?  Or maybe you just want to sell wool from your sheep farm. Sign shops are the way to get there!

Set up is so fast and easy.  You’ll soon be managing your retail empire!

How to create a sell shop:

■ Place a chest in world.

■ Hit the chest with the item you want to sell.

■ Type the sell price in chat.

■ Fill your chest with the items you want to sell!

How to create a buy shop:

■ Create a sell shop.

■ Face the chest and use /shop buy.

■ Fill chest slots with other items if you want to buy less


/shop price – Change the price of your shop

/shop buy – Change your shop to a buy shop

/shop sell – Change your shop to a sell shop

Infinity Auctions

The Infinity Auctions can be a great way to sell higher-priced or high demand items.  Our auction house allows you to set a buy now price for immediate purchase as well as bid on items.

How it Works:

You can list items starting at rank I.  All players may auction up to 5 items at a time, donors my auction up to 10 items.  Auctions last 7 days or until the item is sold.

How to Buy an Item:

Type /ah to browse the Infinity Auctions then simply click the item to purchase!

How to Sell an Item:

Hold it in your hand and type: /ah sell <Price>

How to Cancel an Item:

Type /ah to bring up the Infinity Auctions menu and select the diamond icon then the listing you wish to cancel.

Take what you’ve learned and go dominate the Infinity Auctions NOW!

Direct Payments

There are tons of other creative ways you could earn money from other players. Perhaps you’d like to offer excavation services or set up a fireworks shop for the grand opening of your neighbor’s shop!

How to pay another player:

/pay <playername> <amount>

For example, if you wanted to give me 100 ∞ dollars, you would type:

/pay cosmicvibration 100

Sell Items to the Server

So you’ve joined the mining job and have been earning a lot of Infinity dollars, but now you’ve got t/pay ree double chests full of cobblestone that you don’t know what to do with.

  • To sell a block to the server, just hold it in your hand: /sell
  • To sell all of one type of block, hold it in your hand: /sell hand all
  • To sell all sellable items in inventory: /sell all
  • To open the sell menu (allows you to drag all items into menu): /sell shop

Server prices are set to a low value to encourage player trading. Keep in mind not all items will sell. So be creative, have fun, trade, auction, or make a thriving shop!