Land Protection Guide

Need a place to keep all that sweet loot?

Want to make sure that no one else can destroy your build?

This guide will help!

But first! Make sure you are in the MAIN WORLD when building your residence! The Resource worlds get reset.

If you prefer, there is a video on the land claim basics here.

Land Claim Basics

How To Claim Land: 

To make your very first land claim, all you need to do is place a chest!  You will automatically claim a 9×9 area.

You can move your selection using the /abandonclaim command and just place a new chest to claim again!

To make a new claim:

  1. First, take the Land Claim Tool (Golden Shovel) from your /kit starter. Use it to right-click one corner of the area you’d like to protect – then right-click the other corner.
  2. You can resize the claim by right-clicking the glowstone corner, then right-clicking its new location.
  3. This area is now protected! Any chests placed in this area are automatically protected.

Claimed land will automatically:

  • prevent others from building
  • protect containers of all types
  • protect crops
  • protect animals
  • prevent creeper damage

How do you see if land is claimed?

Use the command /claimslist to see a list of your claims! Also, you can the Land Info Tool (Stick) from your /kit starter and right-click an area inside your claim to see a visualization of your claim area.

How much land can I claim?

You can see your claim limit by using the command /claimslist.

All blocks from sky to 5 below ground are included in your claim, you do not need to pay for the Y blocks.  Want to build further down?  Your claim will automatically protect further below ground as you build.

How do I get more claim blocks?

Claim blocks can be earned just by playing the game at a rate of 10 blocks per hour

Additional claim blocks can be purchased for 100 INF per block by using the command /buyclaimblocks   You can also sell back blocks for 50 INF per block using the command /sellclaimblocks

Claim block prizes can be found in crates, infinity pass, in-game ranks, and events!

How can I add my friend to my claim?

There are several levels of trust you can set up!

/Trust Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/AccessTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.

/TrustList Lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.

How do Expand my claim?

You can expand your claim with your golden shovel!  Simply right-click the glowstone marke on the corner of your claim, then right-click its new location.

You can also expand your claim using commands:

/expandclaim <numberofblocks>  – expands your claim in all directions

/extendclaim <nunberofblocks>  -expands your claim in the direction you are looking


You can create separate zones within your claim.  These can be used to set separate flags for different areas.  This is useful for setting up sections for other players, farming zones, shops, anywhere where you want different protections.

Use the command /subdivideclaims to set your shovel into subdivide mode.   The rest is just like making a normal claim!

To set your tool back to normal claims mode, use the command /basicclaims

For more info, there is a video here.

Additional Commands

  • /abandonclaim –   Deletes the claim you’re standing in
  • /untrust <name> –  Removes any permissions granted to a player in your claim
  • /untrust all – Removes all permissions for all players in your claim
  • /givepet –  Gives away a tamed animal