Infinity Pass

If you ever played some of the popular games which have the battle pass, it works sort of like that. During the season you can earn reward tiers each time you level up your Infinity Pass. Each reward tier requires 1,000 experience to level up and each time you tier up to the next level you get access to new rewards.

How To Access:

To access the Infinity Pass in-game use the command: /ip or /infinitypass

♦ Season Missions & Leveling Up:

Some of the best ways to level up your Infinity Pass are to complete Missions and Participate in Events on Infinity Miners. During events, we will be giving out experience that can help boost you up to the higher reward tiers.

The Infinity Pass season will last a total of 8 weeks with each of the weeks unlocking a total of 10 Missions to complete for Infinity Pass experience, that’s a total of 80 unique missions!

You can also earn Infinity Pass experience by completing the Daily Missions! Each day you can come back and complete these missions for a small amount of Infinity Pass experience. The more Infinity Pass experience you earn the higher reward tiers you can obtain!

♦ Reward Tiers:

There are two different reward tiers and the max reward tier is level 50. Every player has access to the Free tier which grants you over 100+ rewards for reaching the free tiers and the Premium tier which gives access to both the free and premium rewards, that’s a total of over 200+ rewards.

Here is an example of some of the rewards that can be obtained from the reward tiers:

The Premium Infinity Pass also includes the free rewards tiers that all players can access on Infinity Miners. This pass can be purchased on our donor shop for $14. If you decide to purchase the Infinity Pass from the donor shop this grants you access to over 200 rewards total! 

Click Here to Purchase the Premium Infinity Pass!

♦ FAQ:

  • Can I purchase the Infinity Pass during the current season?
    • Absolutely! If you decide to purchase the Infinity Pass when the current season is already active then you will automatically earn all the rewards up to your current reward tier level.
  • Do I get to keep the rewards I have earned after the season?
    • For sure! All the rewards that you earn during the season are yours to keep on the server.
  • Do the free rewards come with the Premium Infinity Pass?
    • Yes! All the free rewards are available to everyone that plays on Infinity miners. This means that you will get access to both the free tier and premium tier!