Infinity Miners Rules

Rev. 02.04.2020


This document details all of the rules for Infinity Miners. It is the expectation that all players have read these rules prior to playing on the server or using our discord. It’s important to note that by playing on our server, you agree to follow these rules at all times. These rules will be enforced constantly by our staff team. Moreover, These rules are also subject to change at any time, for any reason, with or without due notice. This document will be updated to reflect any changes.

General Rules

  • Player Harassment, trolling, or disrespecting other players on Infinity Miners is not tolerated.
  • Spamming Chat or sharing links to other servers is not allowed. In-game advertisements (for shops, towns, etc.) are limited to once per 5 minutes.
  • Abandoned Builds/Accounts: If you have not been logged into the server for a period of 90+ days your residences, locks, etc. will be cleared. Our databases are constantly cleaned and managed in order to keep our servers running at optimal levels.
  • Player Shops: In order to keep the server clean and operating smoothly we have a few shop rules we except each player to follow.
    • Players with inactive chest shops (shops containing no items and player has not logged in for 30+ days)will have their chest shops removed by an Admin.
  • Building Near Others: Please be courteous of other player’s towns and residences and do not build within 100 blocks of another player’s build without first asking their permission.
  • Griefing Altering, destroying or removing/placing of blocks/items which are not directly yours is and will be classified as Griefing. We do not tolerate it on this server.
  • Hacking & Glitch Exploitation: Hacking or abusing a glitch isn’t allowed. Any illegal modification (As detailed below) is strictly prohibited from being used on InfinityMiners. We generally define this with things such as Command Macros, Xray Texture Packs, duping, etc.
  • Redstone & Lag Machines: Lag Machines or Redstone Contraptions that cause lag are not allowed on the server. Creating farms that are inefficient: Defined as farms that drop/use excessive entities or cause lag. This also applies to builds that would not be traditionally defined as a farm, ie auto sorters, auto smelters, transportation systems, etc.  All grinders or farms must have an on/off switch or kill switch. You are allowed to afk at your farm/grinder but be sure it has an on/off switch.
  • Punishment Evasion: Do not bypass a punishment issued to you by a Staff Member. This includes bypassing it via alts, helpop, or any other means. If you feel you’ve been punished unfairly, you are free to submit a Ban Appeal or reach out privately to an Administrator.

Discord Rules

  • Chat Guidelines: Please follow all applicable chat guidelines detailed in the above sections of this document. This includes guidelines on harassment, advertising, and disrespect among others.
  • Channels: Always use each channel on the discord server for it’s designated purpose. Avoid misusing channels, i.e Posting a Meme in #support.
  • Bots Abuse: Do not abuse any of the bots on the discord server. This includes using them to spam messages.
  • Tagging: Avoid tagging staff members or other users who have not explicitly given consent to being tagged. The best course of action would be to privately message the individual if you need their attention versus tagging them in a public chat. Do not tag/pm the Owner unless otherwise instructed to.

Blacklisted Clients & Mods

  • Xray Clients & Texture Packs
  • Mini-Maps with/without Radar Enabled (For Entities)
  • Traditional Hacked Clients (Wurst, Hunzi, etc.)
  • Tracers or Name Tag Modifications
  • Auto Clickers or Command Macros
  • Ghost, Vape, and Injectable Clients

Permitted Clients & Mods

  • Optifine Mod & Related Texture Packs
  • Laby Modification
  • Toggle Sprint, Better Sprint
  • More Particles Modification

If a particular client isn’t mentioned on this list, That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily allowed or banned. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact an online staff member for assistance.

To ensure you read the rules prior to submitting your whitelist application please be sure to enter the keyword #readrules in the notes at the bottom of your application.

Last Updated on 02.04.2020

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