Top Voter Rewards for April 2020

Thank you to everyone who voted last month. It was our 3rd month with the new 1.15 server open! As a thank you for supporting the server we would like to honor our top voters each month.


:small_blue_diamond: 1st place: Kheflin

  • Prizes:
  • $50,000 In-Game Cash
  • 2x Seasonal Keys
  • 1x Infinity Key
  • 5x Mystic Keys
  • 500 Claim Blocks


:small_blue_diamond: 2nd place: Wolfcat2005A


  • $25,000 In-Game Cash
  • 2x Seasonal Key
  • 1x Nebula Key
  • 5x Mystic Keys
  • 300 Claim Blocks


:small_blue_diamond: 3rd place: SoaringSkies_


  • $15,000 In-Game Cash
  • 1x Seasonal Key
  • 5x Mystic Key
  • 150 Claim Blocks


Congratulations guys! :fireworks:

Posted by _xStarDustx_