Top Donor Rewards for March 2020

Thank you to those donors who go the extra step and support the server. We truly could not do it without your support and generosity. Each month we achieve our goals we also like to take some time to honor these top donors each month.

This month, since we had the donation drive going we have also set up some extra prizes for the top donors!

But wait there’s more!! Each person that donated to the server in March will receive 10k Infinity Dollars, 2x Mystic Keys and 100 Infinity Pass XP!

:emerald: 1st Place: Parable

Prizes: 100k Infinity Dollars, 5x Nebula Keys, 5x Infinity Keys, 5x Seasonal Keys, 5x Mystic Keys, 500 Infinity Pass XP, 500 Claim Blocks and Head in Hall of Fame!

:emerald: 2nd place: YoD_HellHound

Prizes: 75k Infinity Dollars, 2x Nebula Keys, 2x Infinity Keys, 2x Seasonal Keys, 5x Mystic Keys, 300 Infinity Pass XP, 300 Claim Blocks

:emerald: 3rd place: AppleSnout

Prizes: 50k Infinity Dollars, 1x Nebula Keys, 1x Infinity Keys, 1x Seasonal Keys, 5x Mystic Keys, 200 Infinity Pass XP, 200 Claim Blocks

Congratulations guys! :confetti_ball: I will have your prizes over to you shortly. :gift: We cannot do it without you!

:map: March COVID Donations :map:

We all did it guys! Taking a step forward to help those in need. With the amazing support from the community, we were able to raise a total of $145.00 in donations! We have just finished donating the money to the World Health Organization with aim to help against the current COVID crisis.

It’s truly an amazing feeling to be able to not only create a place for you guys to have fun, but also a place where we can help others. From my heart, thank you everyone for your support and for choosing to play at Infinity Miners!

Link to donation screen shot:

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