Infinity Miners Fishing Event

Infinity Miners Fishing Event

It’s time to reel in some rewards with our 1st Infinity Miners Fishing Event!

We are giving out a total of over 1200 Nebula Dust, 700 Infinity Stones, and 5 Mystic Keys!

Plus, everyone who participates in the contest will get to keep your special edition collectible fishing rod!!


How it Works:

On Feb 21st at 1:00 pm PST visit (/warp fishing) to attended or participate in the three-stage fishing event. Warp will be open on day of the event. Please be sure to have an empty inventory.

This event consists of 3 different stages, which each have 2 rounds in each stage.


1st Stage: Fish Your Heart Out

Prize: 50x Infinity Stones, 100x Nebula Dust, and 1x Mystic Keys

For this stage, you need to catch as many fish as you can in a certain time period.

Stage 1; Round 1 Winner: TBA

Stage 1; Round 2 Winner: TBA


2nd Stage: Finding Nemo

Prize: 100x Infinity Stones, 200x Nebula Dust, and 2x Mystic Keys

During this stage, the first person that catches a Tropical Fish then rings then bell wins this stage!

Stage 2; Round 1 Winner: TBA

Stage 2; Round 2 Winner: TBA


3rd Stage: Enchanters Dream

Prize: Enchanters Tool Kit, 200x Infinity Stones, 300x Nebula Dust, and 2 Mystic Keys

First-person to catch an Enchanted book of any type then rings then bell wins this stage!

Stage 3; Round 1 Winner: TBA

Stage 3; Round 2 Winner: TBA

Looking for Staff to join Infinity Miners!

Looking for Staff to join Infinity Miners!

Archie the Admin and the team over at Infinity Miners are looking for more excited people to join our staff team!

We are currently looking to fill some of the Helper and Moderator positions this month.

Helper Role: The helper role is made for people that want to help out the server in many different ways. For example; Helping users claim land, teaching others how to use various features and in-game mechanics, making new and old players feel welcome, help with events, as well as monitor and report any suspicious activity.

Moderator Role: As a moderator, you should feel comfortable helping new players while always keeping a positive atmosphere. The moderator role does everything the helper does plus more. This role is specifically made for people that want to help on both the backend and frontend of the server. With the moderator position, you will have access to various commands and features that can help to make the server a safe and fun place to play.

We have no age requirement for staff applications! We just ask that you take some time to get familiar with our features and community prior to applying.



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