New Land Claim System Adjustments

Since we soft-launched last month, Cosmic and I have been closely monitoring our economy, plugins, performance, etc. We are using this soft launch time to make sure plugins are perfect and performance is stable.

As we took a look deeper into the land claims we spotted some major flaws with our current configuration so we have decided to go with a different configuration using the same plugin. This configuration is called “Survival Requiring Claims”.

What is Survival Requiring Claims?

Just like the real world, you will need to claim/purchase land before you can build on it. The main world will now be protected. Meaning you can only build/place inside the plot you own.

Why did we switch to this new configuration?

1. Our economy relies heavily on land claims. This change helps keep our economy thriving and stable.

2. We feel that it brings more of a survival feel to the game while also a great feeling of accomplishment when you have builds on your claimed land.

3. It will preserve the land in our main world for new players builds and towns. We have dedicated resource worlds that you can use which get reset. This helps prevent open resource gathering in the main world.

4. Grief is a thing of the past! Pretty much no grief can be done to player builds as anything built needs to be in a claim. We understand this is a bit of a change to our current system, but also remember that we are in the soft launch phase, so there may be some changes/adjustments in the future.

– To help you get your build claimed we are doing a claim block sale. For this next week, we are offering 50% of claim blocks! Sale ends on 3/5/2020.

– Also, we have adjusted the initial claim blocks amount for new players from 100 to 250.

As always, you will be able to get claim blocks via the following methods: In-game cash, in-game ranks, donor ranks, playing on the server (playtime), and events.

Posted by _xStarDustx_