Infinity Miners Screenshot Contest Results

We are excited to announce the winners of our first screenshot contest on the new 1.15 server!

Thanks for everyone that sent in entries, excited to see what ideas you have next.


:first_place:First Place Winner! princess978

100K in-game cash, 50 Nebula dust, 50 Infinity stones, 5 Mystic Keys, [Flashy] tag.


:second_place:Second Place: YoD_HellHound

50k in-game cash, 50 Nebula Dust, 50 Infinity Stones, 5 mystic keys.


:third_place:Third Place: Figure_Toyz

25k in-game cash, 50 Nebula Dust, 50 Infinity Stones 3 mystic keys.


All participants have received 25 Nebula Dust, 25 Infinity Stones, 2 Mystic Keys.


Check out the #screenshots channel in discord to see all the entries! :Celebration: Congrats everyone!

Posted by _xStarDustx_