Infinity Miners Easter Egg Hunt

:rabbit::egg:Infinity Miners Easter Egg Hunt is on! :egg::rabbit:

Can you spot a mysterious Easter egg?

:rabbit2: I recently spotted the Easter bunny hiding these special eggs somewhere around the Infinity Miners spawn… or maybe it was the world… ah geezzz, I seem to have forgotten! :thinksteve: Can you track down all the Eggs?!

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday you can celebrate the Easter weekend by tracking down special eggs (as seen in picture).

List of prizes that can be found inside:

:small_blue_diamond: 8x Diamonds

:small_blue_diamond: 1x Enchanted Golden Apple

:small_blue_diamond: 1x Rabbit Foot

:small_blue_diamond: 1x Leaping Potion

:small_blue_diamond: 1x Rabbit Egg

:small_blue_diamond: 25x mcMMO Credits

:small_blue_diamond: $2000 Infinity Dollars

:small_blue_diamond: 5x Infinity Stones

:small_blue_diamond: 10x Nebula Dust

:small_blue_diamond: 2x Mystic Keys

:small_blue_diamond: 1x Seasonal Key

Good luck Infinity Miners!!! :four_leaf_clover:

Posted by _xStarDustx_