Infinity Miners Fishing Event

It’s time to reel in some rewards with our 1st Infinity Miners Fishing Event!

We are giving out a total of over 1200 Nebula Dust, 700 Infinity Stones, and 5 Mystic Keys!

Plus, everyone who participates in the contest will get to keep your special edition collectible fishing rod!!


How it Works:

On Feb 23rd at 1:00 pm PST visit (/warp fishing) to attended or participate in the three-stage fishing event.

Warp will be open on day of the event. Please be sure to have an empty inventory.

This event consists of 3 different stages, which each have 2 rounds in each stage.


1st Stage: Fish Your Heart Out

Prize: 50x Infinity Stones, 100x Nebula Dust, and 1x Mystic Keys

For this stage, you need to catch as many fish as you can in a certain time period.

Stage 1; Round 1 Winner: TBA

Stage 1; Round 2 Winner: TBA


2nd Stage: Finding Nemo

Prize: 100x Infinity Stones, 200x Nebula Dust, and 2x Mystic Keys

During this stage, the first person that catches a Tropical Fish then rings then bell wins this stage!

Stage 2; Round 1 Winner: TBA

Stage 2; Round 2 Winner: TBA


3rd Stage: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

Prize: Enchanters Tool Kit, 200x Infinity Stones, 300x Nebula Dust, and 2 Mystic Keys

First-person to catch an item of any type (other than a fish) then rings then bell wins this stage!

Stage 3; Round 1 Winner: TBA

Stage 3; Round 2 Winner: TBA


Feb 23 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm