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New Land Claim System Adjustments

New Land Claim System Adjustments

Since we soft-launched last month, Cosmic and I have been closely monitoring our economy, plugins, performance, etc. We are using this soft launch time to make sure plugins are perfect and performance is stable.

As we took a look deeper into the land claims we spotted some major flaws with our current configuration so we have decided to go with a different configuration using the same plugin. This configuration is called “Survival Requiring Claims”.

What is Survival Requiring Claims?

Just like the real world, you will need to claim/purchase land before you can build on it. The main world will now be protected. Meaning you can only build/place inside the plot you own.

Why did we switch to this new configuration?

1. Our economy relies heavily on land claims. This change helps keep our economy thriving and stable.

2. We feel that it brings more of a survival feel to the game while also a great feeling of accomplishment when you have builds on your claimed land.

3. It will preserve the land in our main world for new players builds and towns. We have dedicated resource worlds that you can use which get reset. This helps prevent open resource gathering in the main world.

4. Grief is a thing of the past! Pretty much no grief can be done to player builds as anything built needs to be in a claim. We understand this is a bit of a change to our current system, but also remember that we are in the soft launch phase, so there may be some changes/adjustments in the future.

– To help you get your build claimed we are doing a claim block sale. For this next week, we are offering 50% of claim blocks! Sale ends on 3/5/2020.

– Also, we have adjusted the initial claim blocks amount for new players from 100 to 250.

As always, you will be able to get claim blocks via the following methods: In-game cash, in-game ranks, donor ranks, playing on the server (playtime), and events.

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New Events Calendar Live!

New Events Calendar Live!

:calendar_spiral: Our new events calendar is up and running!

You can see all of our upcoming events on the main home page sidebar or visit:

:loudspeaker: 3 New Events Posted!

:small_blue_diamond: Half Off Player Warp Applications

Date: Feb 17th – Feb 20th


:small_blue_diamond: Infinity Miners Fishing Event

Date: Feb 23rd @ 1:00pm – 2:00pm PST


:small_blue_diamond: Spring Seasonal Crate Launch!

Date: March 1st – May 31st

We are excited to be able to get some events going again and hope you can join us!

Be sure to check the calendar and website often for updates, news, and new events

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Looking for Staff to join Infinity Miners!

Looking for Staff to join Infinity Miners!

Archie the Admin and the team over at Infinity Miners are looking for more excited people to join our staff team!

We are currently looking to fill some of the Helper and Moderator positions this month.

Helper Role: The helper role is made for people that want to help out the server in many different ways. For example; Helping users claim land, teaching others how to use various features and in-game mechanics, making new and old players feel welcome, help with events, as well as monitor and report any suspicious activity.

Moderator Role: As a moderator, you should feel comfortable helping new players while always keeping a positive atmosphere. The moderator role does everything the helper does plus more. This role is specifically made for people that want to help on both the backend and frontend of the server. With the moderator position, you will have access to various commands and features that can help to make the server a safe and fun place to play.

We have no age requirement for staff applications! We just ask that you take some time to get familiar with our features and community prior to applying.



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Infinity Miners 2.0 Official Update

Infinity Miners 2.0 Official Update

We started Infinity Miners around this time last year and this next month mark’s our 1 year Anniversary! It has truly been a fun and amazing experience building this community with all of you. Over the past year, we have learned valuable lessons, made lasting memories, met new friends, and also had our ups and downs. It was an incredible journey and both Cosmic and I can’t wait to embark on a new one with all of you!

We are excited to announce

the official soft launch for

Infinity Miners 2.0!

Saturday, February 1st 2020 @ 1:00pm PST

I want to try and keep this a small post but we have a lot to talk about. So let’s jump right into the details! (Okay I tried to keep it sort but I guess I couldn’t lol)

Infinity Miners 1.12.2 Server:

1.12.2 Server IP:

Firstly, I would like to talk a little about the old 1.12.2 server and what is going to happen to it. The old Infinity Miners server is going to be online for about a month after the new server launches but will be running with limited features and plugins to focus on performance for the new server. No new updates will be made to it and the server will have limited features so you can prepare your build to be transferred.

The date we are looking to close the old server is scheduled for February 23rd so be sure to request your build transfer as soon as possible.

If you did not read the previous announcement about our Server reset and transfer details you can do so here: Infinity Miners 2.0 Server Transfer Information

If you would like to request a build transfer you can do so here:

 NEW! Infinity Miners 1.15.2 Server:

1.15.2 Server IP:

The new Infinity Miners 2.0 will be running on the latest version of Minecraft, version 1.15.2.  The 1.12 version we ran on came out in 2017, about 3 years ago. Since then they have fixed tons of bugs, exploits, and gave us creators what we are looking for with more design options. With having the latest version we get content from both 1.13 and 1.14. This means we have over 203 new blocks/items, recipes, animals, and a whole lot more!

What does Soft Launch mean?

For this launch, the server will still be in whitelist mode. However, we will be allowing all of our existing players and you can invite your friends! Each friend you refer to the server get’s you a nice gift!

During the soft launch, we may be doing a lot of updating and split testing with some various things so please be aware that at times there may be changes to the economy, features, etc. We want to gather as much information and stats as possible before we take the server to a public level and start advertising again, I estimate that we will be in this period for about 2-3 months. This would give us the time we need to develop a staff team, work on marketing, and core aspects of the server.

We love getting feedback, answering questions, and helping you guys out! But we also need a little of your help during the soft launch. Since this a brand new server with the latest version of Minecraft you may run into a bug or other issue. If you spot a bug, exploit, or something not working the way it should please create a ticket using discord or the forums and we will try to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. This helps us have a successful testing period while eliminating any issues that may arise. We truly appreciate it!

Infinity Miners 2.0 

We wanted to bring you guys a relaxing semi-vanilla custom Minecraft economy experience that you can share with your friends and family. You may be wondering, what does the new Infinity Miners 2.0 have and how has it changed? Over the past few month’s we have been busy bees over here 😉 and I would like to take some time to explain some of our new features, plugins, and changes we have made.

Here is a detailed list of Updates and Changes for Infinity Miners 2.0:

  • Switched to Minecraft 1.15.2:This was a massive change which meant we pretty much had to build everything from the ground up. All resource worlds have been pre-generated and include Resource, Nether, and The End. Lots of things we were able to save, use, and transfer but there is a lot that we can’t take too. At the current time, we are running without some of our pet plugins to monitor performance and balance anything that needs changes. In the future, we will look at adding these back into the game. More info on transfer here.
  • Spawn:The spawn area has not undergone a whole lot of changes because we wanted to keep our same feel and instead remodel some things. You will notice that the random portal to the main world has changed its location to give a more open and inviting feel when entering the server. We added some new holograms which display info about in-game ranks and the new /warp tour area. This area has a few of the resident Infinity Miners here to help you along your journey! Great place to welcome new players. The market area around the old spawn has also been removed and Cosmic terraformed everything to fit nicely. The PvP arena inside the spawn has been updated so you no longer lose items or experience when dueling.
  • Crates:We are using a new crate plugin and all of the crates have been reworked with new rewards, kits, and perks. You will notice a new section in spawn where the anvils are which contain the new Legendary Crates.
    • Vote Crate:All the rewards have been reworked. These keys can still be earned by voting for the server each day.
    • Nebula Crate (Rare):All the rewards have been reworked. You can now transmute Nebula Dust into Nebula Keys which you can obtain in-game. Also obtainable through events, giveaways, ranks, and Infinity Pass. You can also purchase these keys in the donor shop.
    • Infinity Crate (Epic):All the rewards have been reworked. You can now transmute Infinity Stones into Nebula Keys which you can obtain in-game. Also obtainable through events, giveaways, ranks, and Infinity Pass. You can also purchase these keys in the donor shop.
    • Nebula Armor Crate (Lengendary):These crates contain powerful over vanilla enchanted armor & weapons with a guaranteed win every spin! These keys can be won inside the Nebula Crate.
    • Infinity Tool Crate (Legendary): These crates contain powerful over vanilla enchanted armor with a guaranteed win every spin! These keys can be won inside the Infinity Crate.
    • Mystic Gamble Crate:This crate has been reworked and tested quite a bit. We wanted to have it feel more like a casino and are offering only money prizes in the crate. You can win up to 100k + Gambler chat tag and your name on the wall for hitting the jackpot! Be careful though! These keys can be purchased in-game at /warp casino for $1000 each. Also obtainable through events, giveaways, ranks, and Infinity Pass.
    • Astro Crate Lucky Chest:These lucky chests can be found while mining and gathering out in the resource and nether! If you happen to stumble on a lucky chest open it up for your chance to win a variety of different items including the new Nebula Dust and Infinity Stones.
  • Nebula Dust & Infinity Stones:These are rare star fragments that have been mostly stashed inside of the lucky chests! When you transmute their powers they turn into crate keys! The Nebula Dust can be transmuted into Nebula Crate Keys and the Infinity Stones can be transmuted into the Infinity Crate Keys using GUI /transmute. Also obtainable through events, crates, giveaways, and Infinity Pass.
  • Infinity Pass:This is a brand new to Infinity Miners! Over 100+ free rewards and 200+ premium rewards to earn in-game for completing missions. With 8 weeks of unique missions and 10 missions each week, that’s a total of 80 missions, which also includes daily missions! These rewards include the brand new Nebula Dust and Infinity Stone, Decorative Heads, Keys, Cosmetics, In-game Cash, and more! More info here. Obtainable through Infinity Crate and Donor Shop.
  • Infinity Auctions:We are using a different auction plugin this time and are hoping it brings increased performance and ease of use. More information on how to use the new system can be found on the updated Infinity Miners Money Making Guide.
  • Land Claiming & Grief Protection:For this one, we decided to go with a more streamlined plugin to offer the core features of what we needed, land protection and grief protection without adding a whole lot of complexity to it. Cosmic has reworked both the in-game /help guide and the Land Protection Guide on the forums with more information on how to use the system, commands, flags.
  • Lottery:The lottery system has been adjusted and will only draw a winner with a minimum of 2 players entering the lotto. $1000 starts in the lotto pot. Tickets cost $1000 each with $900 of that going into the pot.
  • Player Shops:We are going with a new plugin this time around in hopes to help with performance and ease of use. These shops we feel are much easier to get started and take less impact on the server. More information on how to use the new system can be found in the in-game /help menu and the updated Infinity Miners Money Making Guide.
  • Town & Player Warps:Since this is a new server the old town warps are no longer valid. You are able to create up to 2 player warps and 2 town warps. For more information on warp applications click here.
  • In-Game Ranks:All of the in-game ranks have been adjusted and changed. You can now rank up to  X (10). We wanted to offer more perks in the ranks upfront rather than having 20 ranks. There is no playtime requirement and requires Infinity dollars to rank up. The total cost to rank up has overall been reduced.
  • Donor Ranks:We have made slight adjustments to the donor ranks to help tie into the new server.
  • Bug Fixes/Upgrades/Patches:Quite a lot of plugins have been updated and bugs have been patched. We balanced out and changed some of the economy pricing. Cosmic has spent a great deal of time updating the player guides in the wiki on the forums as well as the in-game /help command menu. If you find anything out of the ordinary please create a bug report.

Donor Rank & Build Transfers:

Ranks: Everyone should have their donor ranks and perks on the new server. If you currently have a donor rank on the 1.12.2 server that you need to be transferred over to the main server just pm me via discord or in-game.

Builds: I will start processing these for you guys as soon as you are able to find a suitable spot for your build. Just message me in-game or on discord and we can start the transfer process for your build.

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now but I am sure there is more! I will keep this thread open 🙂

See you all in the server!

Your Friend,


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Infinity Miners 2.0 Server Transfer Information

Infinity Miners 2.0 Server Transfer Information

Hey Everyone!

I first wanted to start out by saying thank you to everyone that has joined Infinity Miners! You have truly made lasting memories and gave us some of the greatest times the server has ever seen. Over the past few years Minecraft has developed quite a bit of content and with that content has come patches, overhauls, and more. We want to do everything we can to continue to create a fun place to build and play with your friends, but we also know a lot of this means supporting the latest Minecraft version to keep up with the fresh content and development patches.

During the past few months, we have been doing a lot of research on ways we could make an upgrade to our current server to fit the new Minecraft version but 1.15 is such a large update with too many internal code changes to list. We could have forced an update to our current server but that would cause a lot of things to break as well as worlds to still have the old maps with no new content. With older versions like 1.13+ coming out we wanted to wait patiently to where it would become stable again for us to build out. Currently, a lot of plugin developers are now on board with 1.15 and we feel comfortable to make the switch.

Both Cosmic and I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on what we have built, learned, and created over the past year as well as be able to revisit some of our plugins with the new server Minecraft version. We also took the time to dive back into the economy, gameplay, crates, and a ton more. We want to give Infinity Miners the foundation needed to grow for years to come.

As I mentioned last week Infinity Miners will be relaunching to a brand new 1.15.1 server. When you get connected to the new server in a few weeks you are going to be launched to our familiar-looking spawn but in a whole new environment. The new Infinity Miners server is built on the new Minecraft 1.15.1 version and this means tons of new content and of course bees!!

We are ready to take the leap forward and hope you are too!

Let me take some time to answer a few questions about the new server:

Will I be able to take my build over to the new server?

We are going to allow you to request to transfer 1 build which is up to 100 x 100 blocks into the new server. Please only request completed builds or builds you are currently working on (no plain towers). If your build is larger than that please message Cosmic or me and we can try and work something out. But due to the amount of time and resources, this takes please try and limit what you want to be transferred.

You will not be able to transfer any of the old items, chests, keys, decoration heads, named tools/armor, etc. And since this is a fresh start for Infinity Miners we wanted to avoid bringing in overpowered tools/gear/items into the world from the start.

Please do not intentionally request to transfer a build that is built with diamonds, iron, beacons, etc. in hopes to demolish it and sell it on the new server. We will be inspecting the requested transfers and if caught the build will not be transferred.

Please use this link here to submit your build transfer application:

1 submission per player. Once your request is submitted please do not open a new one.

What will be transferred to the new server?

  • Along with one of your builds, all donor ranks and permissions will be transferred. However, some perks/features have been either changed, replaced, or been removed due to plugin restrictions.

What will not be transferred to the new server?

  • All in-game currency.
  • All player data including jobs, in-game ranks, leaderboard and vanilla stats.
  • All in-game achievements.
  • All inventories, chests, player vaults, and ender chests.
  • All home locations will not be transferred as it’s a new map.
  • Some entities such as item frames, paintings, armor stands, when copied over may not make the transfer and could get lost while trying to replace.

Items NOT allowed for transfer:

  • Tools/Armor
  • Expensive stacked Blocks
  • Chests
  • Cosmetic Items
  • Decorative Heads
  • Map Images

How do I start the transfer process to get my build on the new server and help out as best I can?

Fill out the form mentioned above and either Cosmic or myself will be reviewing the build on the application as well as forcing a clean up in the area to remove any exploitable items and prevent abuse. If you have containers, hoppers, furnaces, shulker boxes, trapped chests, droppers, etc. which are capable of storing items please remove these prior to request. We appreciate any help we can get!

When will my build be live on the new server and how can I pick a spot?

After we have reviewed your build, approved it, copied & saved it. Then it’s off to the next step! Getting it pasted on the new server. Once the server is live a staff member will reach out to you and ask If you have found a suitable location for your home. And once this is done we can paste it in for you.

What is going to happen with the old server, will I be able to access it?

The old Infinity Miners server is going to be online for a month after the new server launches but will be running with limited features and plugins to focus on performance for the new server. No new updates will be made to it and the server will have limited features so you can prepare your build to be transferred. After about a month we will take the old server offline so be sure to request your build transfer as soon as possible.

What can we expect to see on the new server?

For starters, we have tons of new vanilla content which includes new types of blocks, animals, villagers, and a whole lot more, way too many things to list! Infinity Miners wants to stay true to its survival roots and bring you a close to vanilla survival feel but with a modified version of the Minecraft we have all grown to love on our server.

On this new server, we are revisiting as much as we can to bring you guys something new, fresh, and exciting. Everything pretty much had to be written from the ground up, but we are keeping our familiar approach with the Infinity Miners 2.0 release.

There is still quite a bit of stuff to get done on the current development test server I am working on but we are getting closer to completion! My hopes are to be able to soft launch the new server on February 1st, 2020. During this time we will be in a whitelist beta testing stage and there may be frequent restarts, updates, or patches being done as we gain more insight and data. We might be able to release sooner than expected but hopefully not later.

I will be sure to keep everyone updated with what I am currently working on in the discord #sneak-peeks channel so be sure to check that out often!

More to come soon!

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