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Welcome to the Infinity Miners 1.15.2 Minecraft Server!

Let’s get you playing on the server!

Infinity Miners is a custom semi-vanilla whitelisted Minecraft server offering a fun and relaxing playing experience.

At Infinity Miners, our mission is to create a safe and fun Minecraft server for our friends and family to come and play. Once you start playing at Infinity Miners we hope you invite them over too!

We love building a community that is driven by creative ideas, economy, and long-lasting friendships. We welcome you to join and explore the vast world of Infinity Miners, meet new friends and create beautiful towns to showcase your builds. We have a separate Nether, End, and Resource worlds that get reset to ensure there are always fresh mining materials available!

We want ‘you’ the player to feel comfortable creating magnificent builds here on the server so we generate automatic backups, have grief protection plugins in place, and have a dedicated mature staff team to handle any issues.

Some of the features you can find in-game are:

  • Custom Balanced Economy
  • Player Shops & Auctions
  • 10 In-Game Player Ranks w/in-game Perks!
  • 6 Donor Ranks
  • Protected Land Claims & Grief Prevention
  • Giveaways & Events
  • Player Vaults
  • mcMMO
  • Custom Crates
  • Custom Made Items
  • Hourly Rewards
  • Daily & Weekly Missions to Complete
  • Jobs
  • Lottery
  • Town & Player Warps
  • Nether, End, Resource worlds get reset

Since Infinity Miners is a whitelisted server this means you need to be approved and added to the whitelist prior to entering the server. We have a short application process and ask you to read over the Infinity Miners Rules prior to submitting your application. Please take some time and put thought into your application.

Applications will be reviewed within 24 – 48 hrs.